Published on November 23, 2013

We came across this “Where’s Western” video featuring Matthew Hoy and it is awesome because:

a)      It’s part of a digital communications project which, upon further research, we discovered is really quite cool

b)      It supports and features #PSEWEB and it reminded us again of Vancouver this past summer

To give you more context, this is part of the “Where’s Western” video collection project that showcases the research, teaching, and/or service that Western University’s people take part in all over the world. There is a Google map embedded on the webpage which helps the user to visualize the scope of this project and makes finding each video easy.

What I like the most about the “Where’s Western” project is that it not only encourages user-generated content, but it also integrates it into the website which is a concept that we often don’t see enough of in PSE. It does a great job of this by including instructions on how the user can create videos themselves and provides guidance on the questions that should be covered. Users film their videos, send the footage to the Web Development and Design team at Western, who put it all together into a consistent and sleek video.

Our institutions’ people are always doing great things, often in interesting places, and it’s great to see a university capitalize on this and translate it into video form while making a real effort to engage their stakeholders.

And how cool is it that #PSEWEB got to be featured in one of these videos!