Published on May 16, 2013

I literally couldn’t be more excited to introduce our newest keynote speaker, Todd Sanders! Todd is joining us from UWGB where he uses the social interweb to raise the bar on his own campus and also push the rest of us to hit every day out of the park and be passionate and proud about our online mission. Please extend a warm welcome to one of my favourite people, @tsand!

Socially Awkward: How Making the Brand More Human Can Change Everything

By Todd Sanders

The social web is a playground, yet most brands continue to show up in business attire. Not only are they overdressed and somewhat creepy, they are unable to experience what makes the playground so much fun. The humanization of the brand can help foster a new direction for your social web efforts and add new life to your realtime conversations.  It’s time to unlock the magic of your campus, it’s time to respect your intuition.

About Todd
Todd Sanders is a social web specialist with more than 10 years experience in post-secondary education. He is currently a Senior Information Processing Consultant at the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay where he is constantly exploring new ways to make old things sound more engaging to young people.

After spending time as a copywriter and graphic designer in the world of advertising, Todd found his passion online as a webmaster — perhaps the most awkward job title ever created.

He spent his first years in the university setting creating websites for an NCAA Division I athletics program and the departments within student affairs. As the web evolved, his focus switched to community building with the creation of an award-winning video blog series highlighting student life events. In 2011, he participated in the Mercedes-Benz Tweet Race, where his network of friends demonstrated how the power of quality relationships are able to overcome much larger networks on the social web. Soon after, he was given the opportunity to play on the social web in a full-time position — perhaps the most awesome job ever created.

He is happily married to the most beautiful woman in the world and has three children who constantly remind him that the value of a smile is priceless.