Published on March 10, 2015

It’s that time again, it’s #TeamTuesday! Today we will be interviewing Aurélie Barbe!  Aurélie is the Logistics Coordinator for #PSEWEB.  Let’s dig a little deeper to find out more about Aurélie!

What’s your name?
Aurélie Barbe
Interviewer: Hi Aurélie!
What post-secondary institution do you work for?
uOttawa Faculty of Education
What do you do there?
Marketing and Communications Officer
Interviewer: Officer, great title!
One piece of technology, one caffeinated beverage and one social media platform… GO?!
My iPad (and trusted companion), the Starbucks Flat White (because YUM) and Instagram. I’m a quilter and Instagram has a very large quilter community, so I use it mostly for that. And oversharing photos of my two kids (sorry!).
Interviewer: Sounds like a great combination! Quilting is very in right now!
If you could go back to an older piece of technology for one day, what would it be?
My old Nintendo NES. I miss playing Mario Bros. and Zelda on something NOT 3D (I’m old, I can’t seem to grasp 3D video games).
Interviewer: Yes! Just, yes! *high five*

Do you like poutine, yes or yes?
YES! But I have a food intolerance that has kept me away from poutine for the past year. My life is sad as a result.
Interviewer: I’m sorry to hear that. Let’s search for a intolerance friendly alternative! I’m up for the challenge!

What are you most looking forward to in Montreal, aside from PSEWEB?
I would say poutine, but… Montreal is fantastic in the summer (I used to live there), so I am just looking forward to a great couple of days there, maybe get a change to go to the Mont Royal, and eat a flamm at Trois Brasseurs.
Interviewer: Ooo la, la! Looks like we’re going to be asking you a lot of questions about great places in Montreal! #Exciting!

Want to keep up with Aurélie?
You can follow Aurélie on Instagram @aurelielbarbe and on Twitter @aurelielb!