Published on June 11, 2014

Our 2014 daily lineup & timetable is now available!

The schedule version of the program is now available at: 2014.pseweb.ca/schedule/
Check out when the sessions you are most interested will be happening, and get information on registration desk & networking times! We have increased the number of sessions, shortened their length and bundled them into themed groups with panel style Q&A at the end of each bundle.

Keynote Announcements

We are pleased to announce our keynote speakers for 2014:
Jon Sinden, Integrated Marketing Director – Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment.
Jon is an established marketer with Madmen levels of credibility and an emphasis on Digital, Social & Strategy. We are thrilled that he will be at #PSEWEB to share Content Marketing tips from the Toronto Maple Leafs, as well as stories of both the #winning and #fail genres from other brands in the family. Check Jon out on LinkedIn and tweet him at @JonSinden to let him know you can’t wait to hear his #PSEWEB talk.
Jeff Preston, PhD Candidate – Faculty of Information & Media Studies, Western University & Founder – Mobilize March.
Jeff is blessed with superior intelligence that he puts to use breaking down societies, the internets & other forms of media. Jeff has a Masters in, and is currently wrapping up a PhD in Media Studies. He also founded and personally delivered on the Mobilize March, a 47-day wheelchair marathon from London to Ottawa to advocate for accessible transportation. Jeff is bringing a snappy animal-filled keynote adapted from one of his newest courses, “Communication Through Meme: Cool Story, Bro.” Connect with Jeff on LinkedIn and tweet him at @JeffPreston with your opinion on whether Doge was really the meme of the year.
Mark Greenfield, Director of Web Services – University at Buffalo.
Mark is a highly regarded, influential member of the higher education web community. His thought provoking commentary on the impact of emerging technology on college campuses challenges audiences to rethink their basic assumptions about web communications. Mark will be talking to us about the “unbundling” of post-secondary education: globalization 3.0, the arrival of the technically adept Millennial Generation, and the ongoing Communications Revolution have created a perfect storm that will forever change the college campus. Some of you may know, Mark’s 2010 keynote at Brock University was the first ever session at a #PSEWEB Conference! We are honoured (and excited) that he will be sharing his latest research with us at our 2014 conference. Connect with Mark on LinkedIn and tweet him at @markgr for the latest news & knowledge in our field (and great recommendations for your next playlist).

$129 Hotel Rate available until June 27

If you haven’t secured your 2014 #PSEWEB ticket yet, head on over to pseweb.ca/tickets. Don’t forget that our group rate at the conference hotel is only available until June 27th – so make sure you book your reservations soon. The conference rate of $129 is available to you not just during the conference, but also in the days before and after the conference. All the information that you need is available on our website.
If you’ve got both your ticket & hotel checked off your list, please sit back, decorate your profile photo with our fancy badge, and join the fun on the #pseweb hashtag over the next 7 weeks – we can’t wait to see you in Toronto!