Published on January 11, 2012

Kim & I have been talking to hotels & campuses in Nova Scotia, Ontario, Alberta and Manitoba – tracking down our home for #pseweb 2012! Thank you to everyone who referred us to their city’s campuses and hotels – we contacted everyone that we were referred to.

Bringing #pseweb geographically closer to home was one of our goals when creating the conference, and if we stayed in Ontario year after year we wouldn’t be working towards that goal. ¬†For that reason, we have focused on locations outside of South-Western Ontario.

At this point, we are close to confirming July 16 & 17 in Halifax for #pseweb 2012! Please let us know your thoughts (and if you want #pseweb in your city next year, let us know! Once we make 2012 official, we will contact all the locations you have already referred us to and start the selection process for 2013 right away – either in Ontario or in Western Canada).

Hope to see you out east this July!