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UofT, McGill & McMaster top Canadian Universities on Facebook

We’ve all been watching our Facebook Pages with anxious eyes over the last few months, wondering if the recent algorithm changes have made the subscribers that we’ve worked hard for irrelevant. Our team took advantage of a new Facebook analytics feature to take a peek across the board and see... More

Tweets just got longer: big improvements on Twitter

Easier to work with, easier to read, engagement encouraged, 117 characters + 4,000 words + 8 account tags.  Twitter has been cranking out incredible improvements over the last 30 days – get up to speed and put these to work for your accounts.... More

What do you read to stay current?

At work, I’ve just finished onboarding a fantastic new staff member and in her welcome pack was a bundle of websites and eNewsletters to subscribe to, in order to get acquainted with both the post-secondary education and web marketing industries. The Top Ten, by Academica Group, was at the top of the... More

Meditations in an Emergency

The recent emergencies in Canadian Universities and Colleges have received a lot of attention within their local spheres. In the last two weeks, the University of Western Ontario, Georgian College and now more recently York University and Acadia University, have all been shut down to due unforeseen... More

Using Dual Monitors with Remote Desktop (and an iPad)

With some help from Air Display and Splitview, I am now happily working at home, remotely viewing my work computer on two monitors – one of which is my iPad. Step 1: Connecting iPad as a Monitor Some quick googling told me that Air Display was limited to Mac computers and that my PC option... More

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