You're keen to attend #PSEWeb, but still need to convince your boss. We can help!

Many of our previous conference delegates and community members will attest that the #PSEWeb community is warm, welcoming, supportive, and always eager to help. That said, we get that that usually doesn’t make the best business case to get your boss onside with adding #PSEWeb to your PD plan.

Photo by STIL on Unsplash

We know you’re busy, so we’ve compiled a few other key reasons why attending is a solid investment:

  1. Our 2024 pricing is competitive; plus as a hybrid conference, you have the option to attend from home (so, no travel costs).
  2. You’ll gain practical skills from folks who are doing the real work every day (with the added bonus of learning largely within the Canadian higher ed context). Why does this matter? Learning from your peers will save you time and money in trying to figure out what works and reduces your need to translate and adapt learnings based on our industry’s unique structures and challenges.
  3. Working in digital requires that you consistently keep your skills sharp so that you can keep up with the latest technologies, trends, and algorithms. Attending #PSEWeb is a key opportunity to accomplish this through attending breakout sessions and by connecting with your peers.
  4. Think of the #PSEWeb community as an expanded brain trust: participating means that you’re building your network of higher ed digital colleagues that you can converse with during and after the conference for questions, resources, and more. This network can be critically helpful when you need to be agile and develop your own plans. During peak periods, it’s significantly easier to tap into an existing network than trying to make new connections on the fly.
  5. With speakers hailing from across Canada, the US and abroad, our speaker roster demonstrates rich geographic, institutional, and topical depth from all areas of the postsecondary digital realm. See last year’s speakers list »

Level up: Personalize your request

Remember to highlight 3-5 sessions from the conference schedule that will be particularly relevant to your role in the next year, and explain why they’ll be beneficial to you. This will help to tie your request even closer to your unit’s goals and provide a direct return on investment for your upcoming projects. 

We hope to see you this July!

If we haven’t answered all of your questions, please get in touch so we can help: info@pseweb.ca or join our groups on Facebook & LinkedIn!