Social Media and Digital Content Coodinator

McMaster University, Student Success Centre

When it comes to telling digital stories, we aren’t afraid of rolling up our sleeves and getting our hands a bit dirty, even if that means slogging through the trenches to capture that big moment that engages our student audience.

We know a good story that captures the essence of a brand means digging deep beneath the surface to develop an organic connection. It’s not always smooth – it’s messier and can create a lot of obstacles. That’s when having a strong course to follow (and some adaptable tools!) can be the difference between muddy waters and smooth sailing.

Elizabeth DiEmanuele is a social media and digital content coordinator at McMaster University with a background in marketing towards youth audiences. She loves to tell a good story and has used this passion to inspire and implement local, national and global digital marketing campaigns.

Photo of Elizabeth DiEmanuele


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