Digital Strategy Coordinator

Laurentian University

Antoine coordinates Laurentian University’s digital presence to help tell the brand’s story and is their resident social media guru. For nearly 3 years his role has been to increase visibility and recruit prospective students through online marketing strategy.

Photo of Antoine Ste-Marie


Social media is 90% of your job and only 1% of theirs. Help them do more with that 1%.

You are the brave and sometimes lonely person that leads social media at your institution. You are tasked with managing the main accounts and providing internal support where possible. How can you really build capacity without cloning yourself?...

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Bloggers: Managing student content teams

Student blogs can be some of your most genuine and well received content. To capitalize on this recruitment and retention opportunity, I propose an analysis of best practices and lessons learned....

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Twitter: Tweets that engage, not “promote” the email you received from department X

We all get those emails asking us to “promote, raise awareness or advertise” the most recent thing students won’t care about on social media. This session will focus on how to turn those boring emails into tweets that engage people....

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