In this session we will share how Fanshawe College (Canada’s Top Music School, Canadian Music and Broadcast Industry Awards) has leveraged Spotify as part of our social media strategy.

Included in this session will be a case study on our “Quaran-tunes playlist” multi-platform campaign (www.fanshawec.ca/blog/quaran-tunes) and other components of our Spotify strategy (past and future).

The “Quaran-tunes” playlist was created to positively mark the one year anniversary of the the first pandemic lockdown in Ontario. Fanshawe wanted to create something our community could enjoy, while also supporting alumni and students whose musical endeavours were upended by the pandemic.

In this session you will hear how we created this playlist and the social and traditional media campaign around it. You will also get insight into the other collaborative components of our Spotify strategy that rely on support and engagement from colleagues, students and alumni.