Social Media Communications Officer

Fanshawe College

A social media professional of more than a decade, Sarah has served as the Social Media Communications Officer at Fanshawe College, in London, Ontario, since 2015. Sarah is responsible for the strategic direction of social media at Fanshawe where she manages the college’s flagship accounts and leads a team of 90+ social media managers and content contributors. Sarah’s career highlight came last year when her Quaran-tunes Spotify campaign was awarded Best Multi-Platform Campaign of the Year at the inaugural Best of HigherEd Social Media Awards.

Sarah is back at #PSEWEB with two new presentations this year including Collaboration City: Creating a Consistent Brand Across Your Institution (with Dayan Boyce and Cadie De Kelver) which will build upon last year’s Moving From the Wild West of Social Media to Collaboration City at Your Institution.

Photo of Sarah Wells

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