We love workshops for collecting user data and engaging project participants, whether remotely or in person. Here’s why:

  1. Workshops help get feedback from more diverse groups (not just the ones who are physically available or “good at meetings”)
  2. Workshops can effortlessly manage contributions from big groups (because the only thing worse than a 30-person “meeting” is trying to reconcile contradictions from a bajillion individual interviews)
  3. Workshops are participant-driven (so it’s easy to avoid automatic yesses and interviewer bias)
  4. Workshops are memorable (by exploring and deciding things collaboratively, participants remember big decisions and the logic behind them)

Ready to learn more? In this presentation, we’ll…

  • Help you figure out when to have a workshop instead of a meeting;
  • Explore workshop formats for collecting user, stakeholder, and expert input; and
  • Give you tried-and-true tips for a successful session (whether it’s online or in-person)