When you think about how social media works in your team or department, how would you describe it?

Reactive? Chaotic? Putting out fires? Telling the story after the fact? Like pulling teeth? An afterthought? A digital poster board?

If any of these descriptors feel like they fit, this session is for you.

Social Media is incredibly fast paced and demanding. Finding the time to actually put together a strategy feels nearly impossible. And if you do find the time, social media is so huge and ever evolving, where do you even begin? It’s easy to get trapped in a whirlwind of thoughts that feel too overwhelming to even begin to sort out.

So that’s what we are going to do, I’m going to walk you through the same strategy and content planning that I run with my team of social media representatives and hopefully, if you’re currently flying by the seat of your pants, by the time you leave this session you’ll have a new framework for your content strategy.

We will talk about your goals and objectives, your audiences, your always gonna happens and help you put together a plan that will allow you to be more proactive where you can be and more flexible to be effectively reactive.

Trust me when I say you’re going to want to have a notebook or computer, tablet or phone for this session and if you’re really into this, choose a project management tool. I think you’ll surprise yourself with what you leave with.

Great project management tools to explore: Planner (if you’re a Microsoft 365 campus), Trello, AirTable, Asana, Click-up, Excel or Google sheets.