Published on November 24, 2014

#PSEWEB started as a LinkedIn group more than five years ago. Then Brock gave us their support and a home for the first ever national gathering of Canadian college and university webbies in 2010. And since then we’ve grown into a trending, annual, national conference five years strong with a community that lives all year long from coast to coast.

On the stage of #PSEWEB 2014 in Toronto, we announced that a new leader would be taking our community and conference forward to Montreal in 2015. We need a special leader to take us forward — someone who can guide #PSEWEB as we grow up into a long-term, thriving community of digital professionals, someone dedicated to building an organization that serves our community better and better, and someone who understands all those little spices and magic that have made #PSEWEB what it is.

I’m absolutely honoured and thrilled to share with you that Jared Lenover will be your new Executive Director, leading #PSEWEB through its next years. Jared (@autoblot) is a long-time, active contributor to both the conference and our community. He has attended all five #PSEWEB conferences, has been selected as a speaker more than once, and each time he speaks, he is named as one of the most popular and relevant speakers of the conference. He is a bright spot not just in our conference rooms but in our social & community events as well as our year-long back channel. He knows us, he is one of us, and he is also invested in training future digital professionals through his teaching work — in addition to his role as Digital Marketing Officer for the DeGroote School of Business.

I am confident and excited about #PSEWEB’s future under Jared’s leadership — please join me here in the comments & on Twitter and show Jared a warm #PSEWEB happy dance of welcome!
Melissa / @mmbc

JaredHello everybody.

Thanks for welcoming me as the new Executive Director. I’ve been coming to PSEWEB since it began at Brock in 2010. Now I’m looking forward to giving back to the community.

My day job is working at McMaster in Hamilton as the Digital Marketing Officer for the DeGroote School of Business. I do a combination of strategy, content creation, and technical work. I also teach a social media class and sometimes get up on stage for community theatre shows. I have a dog named Murphy. (He’s a trouble-maker.)

I’m excited by the opportunity to build on what the #PSEWEB team (and our whole community) has been developing. Together we’ve shared our experiences, helped each other out, and made our network stronger. Lets find even better ways to collaborate and work together, at the conference and throughout the year.

Let me know what you think. What do you like about #PSEWEB? What do you think we could do better? Email me at jared@pseweb.ca with your ideas or catch me on Twitter.

See you online and at the conference!

Jared / @autoblot