Published on April 15, 2013

The program for this year’s #PSEWEB has been released! Our sessions at this year’s conference in Vancouver will be:

Can You Pass the Social Media License Test? Social Media TOS Crash Course
By Karine Joly

Building Community: Supporting Distributed Web Publishing at BCIT
By Kenzie Woodbridge

The Pursuit of IA Perfection
By Jake Redekop

Content Strategy: Your Website’s Secret Weapon
By Jake Redekop

On The Go: Using Mobile to Support The Student Experience
By Janeen Alliston

Strategically Coordinating Digital Content Across Your Organization
By Jonathan Woodcock

Getting Accessibility Requirements Working for Your Organization
By Anna Beard and Jonathan Woodcock

Accessibility Demystified: Web Accessibility Compliance and Tools to Help Meet the Requirements
By Penny Kronz

An Army of Students: Leveraging Student Talents to Create Stellar Content and Showcase Campus Community
By Courtney Mallam

When The Lights Go Out: Crisis Communications and Social Media
By Tom Cochrane

Writing for Humans: From Bureaucratic Verbiage to Clear Communication
By Jared Lenover

Creating a Digital Measurement Plan: How to Define, Measure, and Communicate the Success of Your Digital Marketing
By Matt Cooper

You’re Not Alone: Being Solo In Higher Ed
By Ron Bronson

Panel Discussion on Social Media
By JP Rains, Melissa Cheater, Tom Cochrane, Kristina Doyle and Courtney Mallam

Social Media Content Strategy: Tips & Tools
By Andrea Karpala

Operation Transformation – Make Me Responsive!
By David Miller

IT vs Marketing, by IT & Marketing, A Match Made At PSEWEB.
By JP Rains and Marty Laferriere

Social Media Directories
By Kristina Doyle

Digital Marketing Best Practices for Higher Ed 2013
By Phillipe Taza

Extending Your Reach With Google Analytics Dashboards
By Alan Etkin

ResponsiveCSS3PolyfillBootstrapGrid.js – or What the Heck is This Stuff and Why Should You Care?
By Shahab Lashkari

The Digital Hand Off: Smooth Online Transitions Within A Decentralized Institution
By Kareem Rahaman, Hamza Khan and Samantha Read

Answering A Complicated Question With the Power of YouTube!
By Steve Krysak

Social Video Marketing: So you want to be cool, eh?
By Daphne Simone

Establishing a Social Media Program
By Mike McCready

Digital Kids on Branding, Privacy and Technology Bias
By Andrew Smyk

Visit our Sessions Page to read more about each session, and our Speakers Page to read more about our amazing speakers.

As always, we thank our early bird attendees for helping us pick the program – it is based entirely on the votes (and good taste) of early bird ticket holders.

With these speakers, Stewart Foss’ keynote, the first Canadian eduStyle awards and three additional speakers to be announced in the coming days (including our second keynote speaker), we hope you’ll agree that this looks to be the richest #PSEWEB to date and we can’t wait to share it with you!