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Stewart Foss & eduStyle at #PSEWEB 2013

Good, better, best – raising the bar in higher-ed web design

We’re pleased to announce our first keynote speaker for #PSEWEB 2013, Stewart Foss! Stewart’s keynote will focus on ‘Student Experience Design.” What makes a website good? How can you make it better? What can we learn from the best? Stewart will share his thoughts about how we can raise the bar in higher-ed web design and how we can transition from good user experience design to good student experience design.

Stewart Foss has worked in higher ed web design for the last 10 years. Over those years he has held web management positions at Athabasca University and Grant MacEwan University and a faculty position at Lethbridge College. He is the founder of eduStyle and the eduStyle Awards and the co-author of the eduStyle Guide to Usable Higher Ed Homepage Design. He is currently the principle at Demand Creativity.

The Canadian eduStyle Awards

In addition to his keynote, we are beyond excited to announce that Stewart will be launching the first annual Canadian eduStyle Awards, which will culminate in the award ceremony at this year’s #PSEWEB Conference! The awards will cover web, social, mobile & email – submit your work, your co-workers work and share the news to help us generate enough submissions to put Canadian higher education digital marketing on the map at this year’s awards. Submit now at

That’s all for now but please stay tuned over the next few days for our second keynote announcement as well as the rest of our 2013 program of speakers – featuring more than 30 of your peers from across the country!

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