Manager of Digital Strategy

Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

Nicole Ingwersen has spent over 12 years at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT), where her passion for digital communications and marketing has driven transformative projects that have redefined SAIT’s digital presence. From revamping website navigation to crafting engaging program pages, Nicole’s strategic vision and audience-first approach have consistently enhanced user experiences. Her career arc, beginning as a content creator and evolving into a leadership role, showcases her ability to integrate emerging platforms, innovative processes, and best practices into every project she undertakes.

Nicole’s enthusiasm for improving user experience is matched by her talent for building and leading purposeful teams at SAIT. Her meticulous attention to detail and effective content strategies have supported both owned and paid digital properties, boosting engagement and site performance. Known for her technical acumen and collaborative spirit, Nicole excels in mentoring others, presenting to large audiences, and chairing committees. Her efforts have fostered positive relationships across departments, reinforcing her reputation as a bridge-builder and creative problem-solver in SAIT’s vibrant digital landscape.

Photo of Nicole Ingwersen

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