Communications Officer

Fanshawe College

Dayan Boyce is a corporate communications generalist, employee engagement specialist, social media wannabe, and Oxford comma advocate.

In his role at Fanshawe College, one of Ontario’s largest publicly-funded polytechnic community colleges, he works with internal client departments to align strategic goals with tactical delivery through traditional and social media channels. A self-professed word nerd, Dayan believes in the power of a well-defined and consistent brand voice and writing style. He enjoys working with both visuals and language to best reflect a client team’s particular value propositions and positioning while maintaining an overall experience consistent with larger enterprise branding.

Beyond the office, Dayan enjoys scrolling aimlessly through his social media channels, where he most often shares content like dad jokes, geek culture, fishing pictures, neurodivergence advocacy and anything to do with bacon. He’s pretty sure you’d like him.

Photo of Dayan Boyce

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