Today, recruitment happens online. Prospective students rely heavily on your website and the resources you make available online. But without detailed analytics, it’s hard to know how exactly these assets are engaging visitors, and whether you could be getting even better results.

Analytics dashboards give teams and departments valuable insights when properly tied to specific goals and objectives.

In this session, you’ll learn how to build an analytics dashboard using Google’s free tool – Looker Studio. This will help you track and communicate website performance to your leadership team and other departments within your organization.

We’ll also share Looker Studio templates that you can easily connect up to your Google Analytics account and put to work.


  • How to set goals and objectives (with different use cases)
  • Define key metrics to track like engagement rate and make sense of them
  • Using events to understand actions your visitors are taking
  • How to set up a Looker Studio dashboard
  • How to interpret data and identify areas of improvement
  • How to communicate and distribute insights throughout the organization

Measurement is the first step towards improvement. Whether you’re in marketing, recruitment, or faculties, analytics dashboards can deliver valuable insights and help you make informed decisions.