A website older than time itself. A CMS that crumbled at the slightest touch. And pages upon pages of scattered, scared and out of date content. It wasn’t just non-responsive, it was DOA. We needed to save ourselves from the machine.

Come with me as I show you the (Marketing & Communications) way to pull your website out of 1984 and into 2029. The plan wasn’t pretty, but it’s practical and I will share with you the strategies that worked, the tactics that failed and how you can apply them to save yourself from a post-apocalyptic future to come out on-brand and triumphant.

We will cover:
• how we engaged our audiences, conducted research and got approval for our radical strategy
• the tools we used to support the web developers in executing our vision
• the process for reorganizing and rewriting over 300 pages of content
• every time we made a Schwarzenegger-sized mistake
• what we are doing now to keep our website alive