Higher Education is getting flattened which is defined as “when the impact of the Internet and globalization render an industry unrecognizable, and in many cases, obsolete.” Globalization 3.0, the arrival of the technically adept Millennial Generation, and the ongoing Communications Revolution has created a perfect storm that will forever change the college campus. Core functions are quickly becoming unbundled which will completely change higher education’s fundamental business model. Campuses that don’t adapt face the real prospect of obsolescence. A complete paradigm shift will be required, and as higher education moves from a vertically integrated model to a horizontal model, there will be considerable disruption.

What happens when:

  • MOOCs are accepted as transfer credit, breaking the business model of higher ed?
  • Faculty become free agents making many campuses “middle men” that can be eliminated?
  • Students no longer take classes at a primary campus but from several institutions completing the move from mass education to my education?
  • The credit hour is no longer the currency of higher ed (stuff learned becomes more important than time served)?
  • Colleges and universities no longer have a monopoly for credentials?

This thought-provoking presentation will explore how the forces of technology and globalization will redefine higher education, and provide guidance on how to not only survive, but thrive in this new paradigm.