Let’s be honest. As soon as you saw the word accessible, your eyes glazed over and you were tempted to skip to the next presentation on the schedule. Am I right? Because honestly, how interesting can accessibility be? When you think design, you want sleek and sexy, shiny and stylish. Sometimes, the idea of accessibility can be like a bucket of water on a campfire — not the kind of sizzle you normally want for your website.

So let’s not talk stereotype. Instead, let’s talk about folding everyday accessibility into our UX strategies. Let’s talk about creating something that everyone can access, no matter what they are using to access our content. Let’s turn design on it’s head, and talk about the human aspect of our work. Let’s call out the guilty habits we fall back on. Let’s draw on new techniques to build an emotional arc for users less able to absorb visual design. Let’s create opportunities to move the discussion of building an accessible web out of developer-focused conversation into the earlier UX and content-strategy processes.

Let’s celebrate content and design for all.