Traditional data reports are boring, soulless, unreadable, and forgettable. It’s time we invoked better storytelling in our “reports”, using all the power and tools available from the digital world, to find engaging ways to share the same content with colleagues, supervisors, stakeholders, audiences, purse-string holders, community members, and your doting grandmother.

Reports Worth Reading is a series of blog articles posted to RyersonStudentAffairs.com, designed to include the same critical, important content found in a report. Using my background in professional and creative writing, I’ve worked with colleagues to craft this material in a way that is both exciting and engaging—just like a story.

I will share examples, explain how they work, and challenge the audience to see their reports as opportunities for storytelling. Leave my session inspired to create your own Reports Worth Reading, and embrace the mantle of 21st century storyteller.