• Do you want to learn more about user behaviour and how to leverage those findings to inform and optimize strategy?
  • Have you ever wondered how others decipher when, and how best, to share important information with primary audience groups and key stakeholders?
  • Are you looking to make meaningful change in your organization, but are unsure of where to start?

There is an abundance of information and many ways, and platforms, to share it. Layer in stakeholders and campus partners with their own strategic goals, leading to the inevitable question: where do I begin?

Learn how to centre discussions around creating experiences of connectivity and belonging for future students through leveraging data and being attuned to the deep personal connection linked to selecting where to their post-secondary journey will lead them. The bridges being built will take time, consistency, and a willingness to reflect inwards on how united meaningful change can shape an individual’s perception. There will always be opportunities along the way for small wins, the greatest win of all will be to build, nurture and grow your community of practice.