Published on April 13, 2015

We may or may not have missed last Tuesday, so we thought we would surprise you a touch early with this week’s #TeamTuesday! Today, we speak with our Email Coordinator, Tara Herriot!

What’s your name?
Tara Herriot
Interviewer: Hi Tara!

What post secondary institution do you work for?
University of Toronto Mississauga

What do you do there?
I am the Communications Coordinator, for Student Housing & Residence Life.
Interviewer: T-o-g-a… t-o-g-a… t-o… Oh, no?  Sorry :-\.

What is your superpower?
Caring is Sharing! My superpower would be like Grams-Bear, baking goods for all of Care-a-Lot and making everyone happy in times of sadness!

Interviewer: Yeah! Who doesn’t love Grams-Bear?!

One piece of technology, one caffeinated beverage and one social media platform… GO?!
My GPS (because no matter where I drive, I need this as comfort), caramel macchiato, Instagram
Interviewer: Good call on the GPS! Where would we be without one?  We probably wouldn’t know!

If you were a student today, what would you like to see from University’s web presence?
Bright and flashy colours with a lot of school spirit and feature stories! I want to be able to feel like I’m apart of the community with minimal effort, learning about what makes that school so unique in less than 5 seconds is what would speak volumes to me. But most importantly, it needs to be EASY TO NAVIGATE, I hate dated sites that never have clear paths!

Interviewer: Good visuals are always important!

Do you like poutine, yes or yes?
I’m not a huge gravy fan, or a fan of bacon (I am Canadian though), curry or anything spicy
Interviewer: Tara… BACON?!
Interviewer: I’m sorry… I…  I overreacted, I apologize.

From the interwebs to you, stay classy #PSEWEB!