Published on January 26, 2018

The All-Canada #PSEWEB National Conference is confirmed for 2018! We will have our date and location for you any day now – as soon as we find one of those old timey pens to sign the paperwork. Our Apple Pencil wasn’t compatible with the contract that we received via Canada Post.

All I’ll say for now, is that we’re headed to Southwestern Ontario!

Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s get down to business. We have to open (and close) the Call for Speakers in very short order, or we simply won’t be ready in time. Something about print deadlines and ink needing to dry – all very odd, if you ask me.

Sharing your experience with your #PSEWEB peers is the most meaningful and rewarding way to participate in the conference and we hope you will consider joining us onstage this year.

All who participate in the Call for Speakers will receive one vote on which presentations they would like to see in the program and selected speakers will receive $150 off their registration price! This will be provided in the form of either a discount code OR a refund. We will be taking submissions until Monday, February 26th.

What was new for you this year? What was your biggest project? What did you wish you had time to really dig into and make a case for at your school? Presenting is a great way to add Speaker to your LinkedIn rap sheet and showcase a project you are proud of or a subject that the community needs to be thinking about.

Once you’re done your submission, pass the ball. Reach out to the people who did great things this year who you want the inside scoop from, and make sure they know that we’re looking for them!

Why be a speaker?

  • We will learn more from each other than from outside professional speakers
  • You will be supporting the development of a community of peers in your field
  • Add a little public speaking to your resume
  • Share your war story and show off your final result
  • And of course, receive $150 off the conference fee!¬†

See you onstage!

Adrian (@adrianliem), Courtney (@courtraybould), Jessie (@jjloa), JP (@jp_rains),  Kareem (@dynamyk), Kristina (@kriskayoo), Melissa (@mmbc), Paul (@paulwhittle), Robin (@robin2go), Sam (@prettygoodread) & Tom (@tomcochrane).