Published on June 25, 2013

#PSEWEB is growing! We are adding new positions that we need your help to fill for next year’s conference. If you enjoy #PSEWEB and want to help it continue to improve, please get in touch about joining us in one of the roles below.  Conference registration fees are waived for conference staff!

Content Curators
During the conference, two content curators work together to ensure sessions and conference moments are captured & shared online. After/before the conference, the curators help fuel the conference website and social media accounts with delicious content.

Sponsorship Coordinator
The Sponsorship Coordinator is the primary touch point for all #PSEWEB’s corporate partners, from inquiry through to ensuring a smooth conference experience.

Master of Ceremonies

Speaker Support
Two folks to work with and support our speakers before, during and after the conference – keeping rooms running smoothly and ensuring speakers have what they need to do their thing with light happy hearts.

If you are interested, please let us know. I hope you will join us!

ps. if you have a student or intern that you’d like to have join you, we could definitely use a gopher and would be happy to waive their fee if they can be available to miss a few sessions!
pps. if you think there is a role that would add to the conference, and you’d like to fill it – let’s talk!

We are very open to all forms of help 🙂