Carla DeMarco

Adventures in podcasting: Where it’s at – I’ve got no turntable and two microphones

At its most basic level, the mission for this podcast is to cover UTM research and profile UTM researchers. Our office wanted to provide new and fresh content, with a bit of a departure from print but also something slightly …

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Brian Kachur

An illustrated journey to some sort of point about marketing

A hilarious tragicomedy, fully illustrated and animated in crayon, of an in-house graphic designer. Interjected with creative real-life case studies covering branding, campus retail/apparel, donor recognition, sports marketin…

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Raquel Russell, Jesse Carliner

Beyond books: How the library can support higher ed communicators

Looking for #tbt content for your school? New research published by your faculty? Unique campus spaces? Compelling stories for media pitches and experts for interviews? Content for holidays and milestones? Libraries help with…

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Krista Boniface, Lisa Lightbourn

Building trust in a time of uncertainty: A video series and social strategy that could

To get an authentic story across, nothing happens without relationship and trust. In times of high pressure, skepticism and little time, it can be difficult to get to the heart, truth and “why” of what moves a person. In …

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Ken Lane, Ryan Felgate

Creating a consistent web experience across all faculties

As the Digital Experience team for the University of Calgary tasked with creating a leading edge experience for our audiences on the web, we faced a tough challenge: offering a consistent user experience across all our facult…

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Anna Stumpf

Discover if your campus culture evolved enough to create social media engagement and brand communities

This presentation is based off of my doctoral dissertation, a qualitative exploratory multi-case study around strategies used by social media managers in higher ed institutions to create engagement with stakeholders. The lite…

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Jeff Riddall, Jonathan Migneault

How Laurentian University created a data-driven content strategy using SEO

We all know SEO is important, but the real question is — are you using it properly? How do you track the performance of your keywords and discover new ones? How do you know if you’re creating the right content and whe…

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Liz Pittman

How to build community on social media

Let's bring the social back to social media! In this session, you'll learn how to develop authentic, relatable content, encourage conversation between staff, students, alumni and industry, strengthen your brand and drive user…

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Sam Dumcum

How to hack 10,000 student engagements: Four simple steps to highlight your program

The walls are covered in posters, Instagram is practically all adcon and influencers, how do you stand out anymore? Learn how a few simple techniques to get your program noticed….

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Gabriel Smy

How to train everyone in your organisation to write effective digital copy

The opportunity (and necessity) to create and manage digital content right across our organisations is massive, yet so often we either daren't trust people to do it, or we can't get them to deliver….

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Suzanne Dergacheva

Interactive UX workshop

Come practice your UX skills and get to see what your fellow conference attendees are up to! This is an interactive session in which volunteers present quick demos of their projects to the group, and the audience provides st…

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Josie Ahlquist

KEYNOTE: More than Behind the Scenes – Leadership Development for Digital Marketing Professionals

Dr. Josie Ahlquist has trained thousands of professionals and students around the globe on how to thrive online and in life. As a speaker, researcher and author on digital leadership she takes a personal approach to transfo…

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Megan Weales

Navigating relationships when no one knows what your job is

When I started working as the Digital Community Coordinator at Ontario Tech University, my position was brand new….

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Francette Maquito

Project Welcome Wagon: The most ambitious crossover in YorkU history

Coeur de Lion Chronicles is a webseries that pairs Youtube videos and eNewsletters to create a seamless transition for incoming students from April to September. It covers important information, key deadlines, activities and …

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Amanda MacKenzie, Simone Knapp

Reducing our digital footprint in order to improve the customer experience

A recent reorganization of our administrative services units provided an opportunity to re-imagine how we deliver information about our services….

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Kelli Wheatley

RU Live? ‘Zooming’ in on armchair recruitment with webinars

Ryerson has been finessing its webinar program for prospective students and applicants for several years now, and today we engage students from 80+ countries each cycle and streamline how we share information on topics includ…

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Steffen Reinhart

Send better emails

Email has a bad reputation — it's outdated, clunky, spam-filled, and, in many ways, can't take advantage of the modern Internet. But is the oldest and most widely used digital channel for peer-to-peer communications really a…

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Brianna Bergeron

Sharing Indigenous student stories

Enrolment for Indigenous students at Saskatchewan Polytechnic has increased 31 per cent since 2011-12. Currently Indigenous students represent 19 per cent of the student population….

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Brianna Bergeron

Supporting social media ambassadors

Saskatchewan Polytechnic has 12 affiliate social media accounts (and growing) run by internal subject matter experts, including instructors and coordinators. The Communications and Marketing team is providing training and sup…

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Joyce Peralta

Taking it to the next level: Strategies for making good UX a team effort

At McGill, the amount of effort and emphasis put into UX research for web projects has grown substantially over the past few years. This has resulted in more frequent testing, a growing pool of data and increased involvement …

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Travis Rotenburger

The ABCs of digital marketing for PSEs – Analytics, Bench-marking, and Conversions

We often hear presentations regarding analytics, bench-marking, and conversions that are designed for businesses based in repeat customers. This presentation will look at the unique world of PSE, where long sales cycles and s…

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Jane Antoniak

The digital leader: Risks and rewards of having the President on social media

A new national study of Canadian university presidents/principals on social media will be shared alongside insights into how to better integrate the digital leader into the university brand while protecting the reputation of …

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Holly Gibson

The Terminator: Blowing up our website to save our strategy

A website older than time itself. A CMS that crumbled at the slightest touch. And pages upon pages of scattered, scared and out of date content. It wasn’t just non-responsive, it was DOA. We needed to save ourselves from th…

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Terry Lavender

Writing for Santa

Today, university leaders are expected to be active on social media. Whether they handle their own accounts or expect you to do it for them, it's still your job to keep them out of trouble and on message….

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