Call for Speakers

Sharing is what makes #PSEWEB great.   This conference is our big chance to share our experiences, expertise, victories, and defeats with each other. It’s how we learn and come up with amazing ideas.  So, if you work for a Canadian post-secondary institution in web or digital communications and you want to share, don’t be shy.

Speaker sessions are usually 20 – 30 minutes long, with questions at the end. Two sessions run at the same time, so you’ll be presenting to about 60 people or so. The mood is collegial and fun.

#PSEWEB 2018

#PSEWEB 2018 is currently planned for this fall in Southern Ontario.  Although the exact details for location and time are still be determined, we encourage you to submit your talk now!

Once details on time and location are out we will reconfirm with you that you’re still able to attend and speak.

How Does it Work?

Submit your presentation idea using our form.   Once all the proposals are in, we will let early bird ticket holders vote for their favourites, with the voting results used to help determine the schedule for the conference.  


We ask all session speakers to attend at least one full day of the conference.

Presenters are volunteers. We don’t compensate you financially for services, travel, or accommodation. However, speakers (one per presentation) do get a $150 discount on their conference registrations!

Some Tips

Here are a few pointers for your submission.

  • Assume people know the basics. Show us how to take something one step farther.
  • Be specific. Sessions about particular strategies, projects, or technologies are usually more popular than general presentations.
  • Be clear and concise. Voters will have a lot of proposals to read through. Let them know what they’ll get out of your presentation quickly and easily.
  • About the Session

  • Keep it short, snappy, and descriptive.
  • Clearly and concisely, let us know what your session would be about.
  • In one sentence, what would people take away from your session?
  • Optional. Include a 30 second clip letting people know why they should vote for and come to your session. Doesn’t have to be fancy! Give us the link to your unlisted YouTube clip and we’ll post it with your submission.
  • About You

  • Would someone be presenting with you? Provide their name here.

Note: After you submit, scroll down the page to check for validation errors or messages.

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