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Customer feedback in a digital first education world

And now a word from one of our gold sponsors, iPerceptions. by Duff Anderson, SVP and Co-founder, iPerceptions Last week I had the privilege of speaking at the #PSEWEB conference in Montreal. My talk focused on the importance of collecting feedback in a “digital-first” world. Today we live in the age of... More

Canadian University & College Social Media Awards

Powered by Engagement Labs & #PSEWEB Higher education has a unique opportunity to build a network of highly engaged influencers. 100% industry adoption (Dartmouth study) 25% of students say tech played a roll in their selection of school 13% of students... More

They see me rollin’… The story of Kraus D. Pron, Esq.

  Some of you may have seen his charming face around social media lately.  Some of you may have even met him IRL (that’s ‘in real life’ for those who aren’t as cool as Kraus).  For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure, today is your lucky day!  This is the story of... More

How to get to New Residence Hall!

It’s almost here!  #PSEWEB 2015 in beautiful Montréal! Helpful Directions Are you coming in by plane, train, or driving down yourself?  Here are some handy directions to help get you on your way! Plane From YUL Train From Central Station Automobile   Read more about #PSEWEB 2015 accommodation... More

What Do the Name Badge Stickers Mean?

When you get to #PSEWEB, you’ll notice that some people have stickers attached to their name badges. Here’s what the different stickers mean. Team If a person has a team sticker it means they help “make the magic happen” at the conference. Ask us questions and let us know if you... More