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A little birdie told us… THE PROGRAM IS LIVE!

It. Just. Got. Real! Get your planning and packing ready! The 2015 #PSEWEB Conference Program is now LIVE! Still working out the final details?  Here are a few great reasons to help out! I NEED to be at #PSEWEB 2015! Most excellent, we would love to see you there! If you haven’t purchased your tickets... More

#TeamTuesday with Tara!

We may or may not have missed last Tuesday, so we thought we would surprise you a touch early with this week’s #TeamTuesday! Today, we speak with our Email Coordinator, Tara Herriot! What’s your name? Tara Herriot Interviewer: Hi Tara! What post secondary institution do you work for? University of... More

Alternate accommodation for #PSEWEB 2015 in Montreal

Accommodation during the conference will be available at the New Residence Hall at McGill University, which is located minutes away from the conference. For those of you who prefer to stay at a hotel, rooms are available for you at the Delta Montreal, which is within walking distance to the conference: Delta... More

#TeamTuesday with Nahren!

Never fear, #TeamTuesday is here! In today’s #TeamTuesday, we meet our Web Coordinator, Nahren! She has a confession for you today, folks… She’s interviewing herself! Nahren will be speaking in the third person and also enjoys long walks on the beach. Ahem... Enjoy! What’s your name? Nahren Shamoka... More

#TeamTuesday with Vicky!

It’s Tuesday, and not just any old Tuesday, it’s #TeamTuesday!  Today we interview Vicky Arnold! Vicky is also one of our logistics coordinators at #PSEWEB. Let’s see what exciting things Vicky has to share with us today! What’s your name? Vicky Arnold Interviewer: Hi Vicky! What post secondary... More