In 2012, Algonquin College completed a significant rebranding effort, giving birth to the Connected College. Taking its new positioning to heart, the College began shaping an ambitious plan to demonstrate industry leadership in its digital advancement initiatives.

Two years into the plan and Algonquin College has demonstrated significant results including the College-wide implementation of Salesforce as its CRM, the redevelopment of algonquincollege.com (a massive migration project of over 125 websites into one consistent architecture built on WordPress Multisite), the launch of social media campaigns that have increased lead generation over 300%, and being recognized by the Wall Street Journal for its outstanding 28% student recruitment increase and 18% student enrolment increase as a direct result of its digital recruitment strategy.

Through this process, the College and its digital agency, Soshal, have been able to demonstrate how intense collaboration between a client and its partner can yield tremendous results.

Algonquin College’s next major undertaking is the redevelopment of its intranet/employee portal, myAlgonquin. Being built completely on the Salesforce One platform, the new myAlgonquin will not only demonstrate a dramatic improvement in the College’s internal communications processes, it is also positioned to be a leading example of an enterprise-calibre Salesforce portal.

Algonquin College’s Executive Director of Advancement, Doug Wotherspoon and Soshal’s CEO, Dave Hale, will present their strategy for the redevelopment of myAlgonquin, provide an overview of how to leverage Salesforce as an enterprise platform and not simply a CRM, and discuss next steps for how the platform will be used to enhance operational processes across other College departments and services.

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