During the start of a website project, we see everything through rose coloured glasses. Before long the honeymoon phase is over and nothing seems to be going right. Does this sound familiar?

What can you do to save your project — and your sanity?

In this session, you will hear from two grizzled project management veterans who have many years of experience running – and saving – web development projects. They will share war stories from the trenches, from both the vendor and a higher ed perspective.

Attendees will gain insights around:

  • Managing web projects effectively, from start to finish, even during the challenging times
  • Flexing your project management muscles, even though the words ‘project manager’ appear NOWHERE in your title – or in your job description for that matter
  • Channeling in your inner politician to bring order to chaos and get people back on your side

There might be stories of deep breathing exercises, office desk yoga and lots of alcohol coffee fuelled days and nights to get things back on track.