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Pre-conference Workshops

Alexa Heinrich

Online Workshop: Accessible Social

Accessibility is a common priority when building websites and webpages. But have you considered how individuals with disabilities are engaging with your brand on social media? Are they experiencing accessibility barriers in y…

English, Hybrid

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Suzanne Dergacheva

In-Person Workshop: How to Make Design Decisions that are Data-Driven, User-Centric, and Stakeholder-Influenced

Analytics and data-driven decision making have a distinct appeal in today’s digital landscape. We have more information than ever before about how people engage with our social media posts, our digital ads, and our website….

English, In-Person

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Charlene Lewis-Sutherland, Joan Butterworth, Joyce Peralta

Hybrid Workshop: How we show up – Building a community of practice for accessibility, diversity and inclusion

We all have a role to play in creating accessible, diverse, and inclusive environments at the universities and colleges where we work. But what does this mean for us as communicators and marketers? How does this apply to our …

English, Hybrid

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Nikki Sunstrum

Hybrid Workshop: We didn’t start the fire – Social’s role in crisis

After more than a decade of content proliferation, the challenge of creating captivating news feeds, while simultaneously combating online controversy, has become crucial to continued social media success. In this 2-hour sess…

English, Hybrid

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