You made the right decision! We are delighted that you have decided to share your wisdom at #PSEWeb 2023. Please take a moment to read through this page, and then complete the proposal form at the end.

The Call for Speakers closes on March 3, 2023. Good luck!

Never been to #PSEWEB before?

No problem! We’re an incredibly welcoming bunch, and previous conference attendance is by no means a requirement for speakers. Our vibe is collegial and fun, so expect a friendly audience of savvy, capable professionals who are excited to learn.

#PSEWeb is a Canadian peer-presented conference that gives us an opportunity to share our experiences, expertise, victories, and defeats with each other. It’s how we learn and come up with fresh ideas, build community, brush up on industry trends, and keep ourselves ahead of the curve.

Learn a bit more about who we are, and how we came to be.

If it helps you to brainstorm, here’s a full list of the most recent conference sessions.

How does it work?

Sessions are usually 30 minutes long, with questions at the end. You can expect to have anywhere between 30 – 60 people in attendance.

Anyone who submitted a proposal will receive a $50 proposal discount on their ticket. This can be applied to all ticket types (i.e. early bird, regular rates, or something else) whether or not you’re selected.

Once all the proposals are in, we’ll invite the #PSEWEB community to vote for their favourites, with the voting results used to help determine the schedule for the conference. It’s all very democratic, really.

If you’re chosen, we’ll send you a discount code for FREE conference registration (and unlimited bragging rights). If you’ve already purchased an early bird ticket, we’ll process a refund for you.

A few pointers for your proposal

  • Assume people know the basics. Show us how to take something one step further.
  • Be specific. Sessions about particular strategies, how-to’s, projects, or technologies are usually more popular than general presentations.
  • Be clear and concise. Voters will have a lot of proposals to read through. Let them know what they’ll get out of your presentation quickly and easily. Proposals with a clear, bulleted list of learning outcomes for the session are always helpful.
  • Be prepared for voters to read what you submit. The conference team will only lightly proofread your proposal, so it’s best written in a way that addresses voters and conference-goers alike.

Now that you’re ready, go ahead and submit a proposal below.

Submit A Session Proposal for 2023

Fill out this form if you’d like to present at #PSEWEB 2023. Have more than one proposal? Submit a separate form for each one.
  • About the Session

  • Keep it short, snappy, and descriptive.
  • Clearly and concisely, let us know what your session would be about.
  • In one sentence, what would people take away from your session?
  • Show, don't tell

    Head over to our Capsule page and record a quick video about your proposed talk. Your video will be part of the voting process, so give it your best shot!

  • Share links to other presentations or conferences, or videos that show you in the zone.
  • About You

  • Would someone be presenting with you? Provide their name , email address and job title here.
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