Published on February 18, 2015

Here is our new series of posts working up to #PSEWEB 2015! Every Tuesday, we’ll be blogging about the wonderful team we have here at #PSEWEB!  This is your chance to learn more about them!

First up, ALI! Let’s pick her brain and see what fascinating things she has to share!

The Interview

What’s your name?
Alison Adair, most people call me Ali.

Interviewer: Hi Ali :)!

What post secondary institution do you work for?
I work for the Western Continuing Studies at Western University.

What do you do there?
I am the Communication Manager.  I make everything look pretty and purple.  This includes, marketing strategy, social media, web, publications and communications. Our department has four portfolios, public interest (non-credit – professional development & personal enrichment), post-degree programs (diploma/certificate credit), corporate training and french immersion school.  When I get asked what our demographic is … it literally is everyone …  20 – 90 year olds, locally, nationally and internationally.

Interviewer: We like purple… and learning! #LifeLongLearner

One piece of technology, one caffeinated beverage and one social media platform… GO?!
My iPhone and Evernote, that’s two I know, but I love them both.  Coffee, coffee, coffee.  Yes, definitely coffee.  Currently obsessed with the Flat White.  For work one social media platform would be Twitter, for personal it’s Instagram.

Interviewer: Mmm… Flat White

If you could go back to an older piece of technology for one day, what would it be?
VCR, video tapes and DVDs.  When you had to go to Blockbusters to choose a movie, and hoped the one you wanted to see wasn’t out.  Wandering around the video store, listening for the clunk of someone returning a rental in the Dropbox.  I miss that. It was all part of the experience of movie night.  Remembering to rewind and get it back on time.  All to watch one movie.  But would I trade in iTunes, Netflix and binge watching  … probably not.

Interviewer: Oh Blockbuster, how we miss thee :(… *tear*

Do you like poutine, yes or yes?
I know this answer is going to cause a huge “WHAAAAT” … fries, yes, gravy, yes … cheese curds, no.  Yes, I said that.

Interviewer: *Speechless*
Interviewer: It’s OK, we’re fine…  😐

What are you most looking forward to in Montreal, aside from PSEWEB?
Hanging out with everyone in the PSEWEB community.  Getting to have some face to face time with this great group of colleagues, it’s like Red Bull for my professional soul.  The photo ops, I’m bringing my camera to capture the architecture of both old and new Montreal.  Food and beer tours, a couple of those are definitely on my list.

Interviewer: Well, it’s obviously not poutine ;)!
Interviewer: Sounds like a great plan, Ali! Can’t wait to see the photos!

Want to find out more about Ali?
You can connect with her on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn! You can also contact her at ali@pseweb.ca!