Published on March 31, 2015

Never fear, #TeamTuesday is here! In today’s #TeamTuesday, we meet our Web Coordinator, Nahren! She has a confession for you today, folks… She’s interviewing herself! Nahren will be speaking in the third person and also enjoys long walks on the beach.
Ahem... Enjoy!

What’s your name?
Nahren Shamoka

What post secondary institution do you work for?
McMaster University.

What do you do there?
I am the Website and Communications Assistant, Technical Support and Administration working with the IT group, for the Department of Family Medicine.

What is your superpower?
I bring fictional food to life! Baking dozens of Pumpkin Pasties in a single bound!

One piece of technology, one caffeinated beverage and one social media platform… GO?!
I have to say, this is hard… I would go with my smart phone, black tea (with milk) and TwInstaTube*!
So, ya, I can say that, right? I see this being a thing! Combining Twitter, Instagram and YouTube! *PatentPending (c)

If you were a student today, what would you like to see from University’s web presence?
Funny that…  I actually am a part-time undergraduate student at McMaster University! I think the web presence that universities have today is amazing! There is always room to grow with all the latest platforms that are available now, and will be in the future!

Thanks to awesome communities like #PSEWEB and excellent communication opportunities via social media, universities help each other flourish online. I commend you fellow #PSEWEB-ers, you are doing your university proud and bringing knowledge to students everywhere!

Do you like poutine, yes or yes?
Yes! Hmm… I sort of want to make a poutine cake! Too much?

Want to see more of Nahren’s food obsession and more?
You can follow Nahren on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn!