Published on July 22, 2015

When you get to #PSEWEB, you’ll notice that some people have stickers attached to their name badges. Here’s what the different stickers mean.


Team StickerIf a person has a team sticker it means they help “make the magic happen” at the conference. Ask us questions and let us know if you need anything. We want to make #PSEWEB a great experience for you.


Speaker StickerPeople with speaker stickers are presenting in one of the sessions during the conference. Chances are, asking these people about their topic will result in interesting conversation. Thanks to all the speakers for sharing their experiences and expertise!


Board StickerPeople who are members of our advisory board get to wear a board sticker. The advisory board helps guide the overall direction of the conference. Let them (or the team members) know if you have a good idea for making the conference even better.


Dragon StickerWe have a special name for people who have attended #PSEWEB for 5 years or more: dragons. These people might have some interesting perspectives on the industry and how things have changed in the past half-decade. Thanks to the dragons for their long-standing support.
If you belong to one of these categories, but don’t get a sticker when you register at the conference, please let us know!

Wait wait wait… Why do all the stickers have shrimp on them?
Well, they’re prawns, actually. More on that later…