The Sessions

Panel – Keep up with the Joneses: Staying Current with New Tools and Tech

Monday, July 25, 2016 at 3:55 PM

Location: Room 1

Responsive design is standard. Scrolling is back in style. Half the web technologies you read about on Mashable are new to you. Sprites? Vector images? CDNs? None of these were standard in 2010. We preach modernization to our print and broadcast colleagues, but are we keeping up ourselves? Let’s talk about what’s changed and how we can stay current.

Panel members:
Lisa Brackenridge (Manager, Digital Communications, University of Waterloo)
Kurtis Knappe (Online Marketing Officer, Student Recruitment, University of New Brunswick)
Nick Valentino (Manager, New Media Communication, York University)
Jessie Johnston (Manager, Web Strategy & Development, Let’s Talk Science)

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