The Sessions

Engagement: Not Just For Social Media Anymore

Tuesday, July 26, 2016 at 11:05 AM

Location: Room 3

Many have developed variations of an engagement index for web; however, in most cases, the index uses variables customized to the purpose, the market or the industry of the website. Moreover, few have attempted development of an engagement index that is relevant to email communications. In this session, Nick will describe the engagement indices he has created for websites and email marketing, developed to use standard metrics so as to provide index numbers meaningful for online properties irrespective of the circumstances they serve. Outlining the purpose and structure of an index, he will explain the rationale behind the use and the process of implementation. He will outline what they can tell you about engagement with these properties and how they can gauge engagement on a universal scale, with individual email sends or individual web pages, and for reporting on and comparing campaigns, among other uses.

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