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LinkedIn University Rankings, October 1 2014

Hi there, LinkedIn University Rankings.

Lucky LinkedIn University Page administrators got a little present in their email inboxes this morning at around 10am – their school has been included in the new University Rankings from LinkedIn! Within the hour, alumni of the included schools started to receive similar emails sharing the good news about the performance of their alma mater in the ranks. Here’s the quick version: LinkedIn has ranked universities based on the career… Read more »

Join #PSEWEB’s Leadership Team

Together we have created an annual national conference that has gone five years strong and traveled from Ontario to Nova Scotia to British Columbia and is now heading to Quebec and beyond.  After five years as your steward, I am excited to share that I am stepping aside to let new leadership take us forward. Presidents are important and first ones are even more so, in my opinion. This person will… Read more »

Why I don’t use Snapchat at work, for now.

It’s OK that only 3% of schools use Snapchat, In My Opinion The E-Expectations Research Series is essential if you work in communications or recruitment in post-secondary education. It comes out each year with data you can count on to help you adjust your strategies & put the right digital tactics into place for great results. This is US data but until we have Canadian data to work from, it’s… Read more »

Lauren O’Neil joins #PSEWEB in Toronto

Last week we announced three incredible keynote speakers for our 2014 conference, and today I am proud to announce that Lauren O’Neil will be joining us as our fourth keynote! Lauren is a journalist, TV personality and web culture blogger & tweeter – not to mention one of Marketing Magazine’s 30 under 30.  She has produced work for The Toronto Star, Yahoo! Canada,, MTV Canada, Canadian Living Magazine, (the… Read more »

Facebook Top 10 of Canadian Universities

UofT, McGill & McMaster top Canadian Universities on Facebook

We’ve all been watching our Facebook Pages with anxious eyes over the last few months, wondering if the recent algorithm changes have made the subscribers that we’ve worked hard for irrelevant. Our team took advantage of a new Facebook analytics feature to take a peek across the board and see which universities are thriving in the new Facebook climate. Facebook’s new Pages to Watch feature allows you to add competitor… Read more »

@westernu's new twitter design (Credit: @mathewh)

Tweets just got longer: big improvements on Twitter

Easier to work with, easier to read, engagement encouraged, 117 characters + 4,000 words + 8 account tags.  Twitter has been cranking out incredible improvements over the last 30 days – get up to speed and put these to work for your accounts.

Don’t forget the web.

I got my start on the web in 1995. By 1997, I was knee-deep in community management – rallying supporters, meeting people with shared interests and collaborating on content with people around the world. And we did it with the web *cough*geocities & tripod*cough* This week is the world wide wonderful web’s 25th birthday, and also in much smaller news, the end of our 2014 #PSEWEB Call for Speakers. In… Read more »

Hidden on-campus treasure (my new conference addiction)

Adding six days of development into my year cost two business days (four weekend days) and less than $400. One was free, one offered a $10 day pass and two were within walking distance of either my desk or my house. It’s easy to create an Apple product desk fortress and say that these conferences didn’t talk about marketing, they don’t apply to what we do. But I disagree.

Group Note Taking

If you’ve been taking notes throughout the conference, please share! Go to Click on the session that you have notes for Paste the notes or link to your online notes as a comment on the session post Thanks everyone! We will also add slides to these pages as soon as we can,   Melissa

Help Wanted: #PSEWEB 2014

#PSEWEB is growing! We are adding new positions that we need your help to fill for next year’s conference. If you enjoy #PSEWEB and want to help it continue to improve, please get in touch about joining us in one of the roles below.  Conference registration fees are waived for conference staff! Content Curators During the conference, two content curators work together to ensure sessions and conference moments are captured… Read more »

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