Executive Director

Our Executive Director is our leader and our shepherd. They drive #PSEWEB forward, while guiding its team members and collaborating with the Board of Directors to shape the organization’s future. #PSEWEB and its team, including the Executive Director, represent and serve a passionate and inclusive community of higher education digital professionals – coast to coast.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Team leadership, including directly or indirectly ensuring healthy, open and consistent communication and project management.
  • Team structure and appointments.
  • Act as a spokesperson for the team and for the #PSEWEB community, bringing forward feedback and ideas for change or improvement.
  • Annual conference venue selection and approval, with team support.
  • Approval and supervision of the budget.
  • Liaison between the #PSEWEB Team and the #PSEWEB Board.

What is #PSEWEB?

  • A peer community of PSE digital communications professionals: we base our decisions on our community’s needs and interests
  • Our decisions & process acknowledge that #PSEWEB exists due to its community’s support & contributions.
  • A conference experience that provides low-barrier participation (low cost, low time and rotates locations coast to coast, while also offering regional conference options for those outside the national conference region each year)
  • The contribution of our speakers is incredibly valuable and we are dependent on it.
  • Organizers report to the community through community-driven decision making
  • Our region influences who we are, what we do and how we do it. We are Canada’s post-secondary education digital communications professional community and conference
  • We recognize the importance of play; our overall vibe is accessible, casual, and fun
  • A not-for-profit organization;
  • ticket prices are based on operating cost per attendee, available only to employees of post-secondary education institutions
  • We are self-supporting & invest profit back into the community & experience
  • Sponsorship helps lower the cost of the attendees and fund an improved conference experience
  • Sponsorship without Influence

Who are ‪#‎PSEWEB’ers?

  • We love the heck out of what we do and we are way more passionate about it than we are paid to be.
  • We execute communications for tiny cities with hospitals, police forces, crisis situations and vulnerable humans. Sometimes we use marketing to achieve our business goals.
  • We may traditionally have titles including web coordinators, social media officers, digital communications and user experience specialists, web programmers, online marketers, and many more.


Want to apply to lead the charge?

  • How can we help you? What gets you excited to fly your #PSEWEB flag with pride?

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