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#PSEWEB has been a continually growing conference, and it’s all because of you! But in order to allow #PSEWEB to keep growing, becoming even better & providing more content and unique experiences for our community, we need some help. We have recently reworked our staff structure to create positions that allow for manageable projects for you awesome #PSEWEB people and are now looking for your enthusiasm and knowledge to help get them done.

Quite frankly – without you, #PSEWEB cannot continue and provide the experience we believe you deserve.

We are looking for the role to be completed in-kind on University/College time in return for: Conference registration fee waived, up to 10 “Friends of #PSEWEB” $50 registration discounts (shareable to staff at the position holder’s University/College), 3 nights accommodation at the conference hotel (conditional on ticket sales reaching minimum capacity) & your University/College recognized as in-kind partner of the #PSEWEB Conference.

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  • How can we help you? What gets you excited to fly your #PSEWEB flag with pride?

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