Welcome to #PSEWEB 2012

PSEWEB is a conference for college and university marketers, programmers, designers, digital architects and community managers - we are the people behind the online faces of our institutions. The conference comes from the HighEdWeb Conference started in the United States and aims to bring the same amazing content, and high quality experience to those of us who happen to work in Canada.

PSEWEB is a private event presented by Lunch Break Media Ltd. The conference coordinator works closely with the PSEWEB Advisory Board during the conference planning process, and also touches base with the conference audience via our LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook properties, to keep the community and its preferences top of mind. The conference sessions are voted on by the early bird registrants, and we are proud to announce that speakers attend for free as of 2011!

Conference Guide

Wireless Internet Access

The wireless access code for our group is  PSEWEBThis code will allow you to log in for one 24 hour period at a time. After the 24 hours, you will have to re-enter the same code.

Follow #PSEWEB on Twitter & Save a Unicorn

The #pseweb hashtag belongs to you and awesome people like you.  We aren’t #pseweb2012 or #pseweb2013 because we are more than an annual conference – we are an ongoing, never ending conversation between peers that keeps going before and after the conference.

Follow #PSEWEB for Conference Updates

How to connect to the hotel wifi? What’s the best way to make it to the boat cruise on Monday night? Who’s up for dinner on Tuesday? Conference attendees and staff will use the #pseweb hashtag on twitter to answer all of the above.  To stay in the loop, get yourself on Twitter and follow #pseweb and @psewebconf.

Tweet #PSEWEB and Fuel the Conversation

The “backchannel” of tweets is the best part of the conference, according to the attendees and the speakers. Hear something awesome? Tweet it out! Help us spread the content of the conference to our peers who aren’t with us and build the #pseweb community and keep it strong.  We’ve trended every year of the conference so far and whether we trend in 2012 completely depends on you.

Sunday: Future of #PSEWEB Meetup

We are looking ahead to 2013 and figuring out what the fourth year of PSEWEB looks like – and we could really use your input, and help! If you’ll be in town on the Sunday the 15th and would like to join our “future of the conference” meetup, please RSVP here for details (http://tweetvite.com/event/0kwo) and watch our hashtag #pseweb.

Monday: #PSEWEB Harbour Cruise

Photo of Tall Ship Silva

Photo Credit: tallshipsilva.com

We’re on a boat!

Monday, July 16
Boarding 6:00pm to 6:30pm

Tall Ship Silva
Queen’s Wharf, near foot of Prince St.

#PSEWEB has booked a beautiful harbour cruise for everyone to enjoy, with a menu of vegetable platters, maple-glazed smoked salmon, baby potato cakes, pulled BBQ chicken burgers and chocolate strawberries!

Please don’t be miss our departure time – boarding starts at 6pm and we head out at 6:30pm sharp!

Tall Ship Location


Tuesday: #pancaketweetup

Photo of #pseweb pancake by @moonball

Photo (& awesomeness credit) to @moonball

Tuesday’s breakfast will include pancakes, as a practice run for July’s official #pancaketweetup!

Tuesday Morning

Eat brekkie & tweet a picture with caption and hashtag #pancaketweetup

What Next?
Watch the #pancaketweetup hashtag and let the bonding begin!

Monthly virtual breakfast tweetup with #pseweb peers around the world!

Once a month, #psewebbies get together online to eat pancakes, eggs, waffles and all other things breakfast and awesome. We snap pictures during the cooking/ordering, the eating and the aftermath and hashtag them with #pancaketweetup. Practice on Tuesday morning with our pancake breakfast and then get ready to do it for real on Saturday, July 21st – whether you are still in Halifax or back at home!

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